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+1 (561) 469-1109
12794 W Forest Hill Blvd, Wellington
Catering service
Our Catering Service
Our facility with complete restaurant, bar and patio space available.
Or your chosen location. Highest quality and professionalism
We offer complete customization of menus and style.
If you need to hold a banquet, fundraiser, reception, holiday function or organize an event of any kind, trust us to make it memorable.. Our team- Experienced, professionals of the highest class: from Chef to servers to bartenders, can make any event in your life unforgettable!
We can organize the event anywhere, thanks to our chefs and our connections.
We will gladly select a festive menu for the most demanding guests. The final menu will be a team effort with you being in charge.
Our venue allows you to hold events for large companies and for a small group of people in comfortable warm surroundings.

On site full kitchen
Tremendous selection of food
Any number of guests
Our team can do anything you can conceive. We are honored to host your event. Our selection is the best in the business and our flexibility allows you to have full confidence in your selections.
The exquisite menu
Contact us:
+1 (561) 469-1109
12794 W Forest Hill Blvd, Wellington
Мы находимся на Северо-Западе г. Веллингтон в ТЦ Wellington Mall